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Broken Arrow Roofing Company

From shingles to slate and everything in between, Statewide Roofing is proud to serve as your Broken Arrow Roofing Company. Statewide Roofing has the innovative materials and expertise necessary to complete your new roof correctly, on time and within your budget. You can rest assured that when we finish, not only will your home look beautiful, it will likely increase in value. Statewide Roofing install, maintain and repair residential and commercial roofs.  As your Broken Arrow Roofing company, we are here for all of your roofing needs.

Do not allow the unfavorable weather to keep eating away at your roof. Replacing an old roof can ensure that a dwelling is well-protected. Statewide Roofing’s experienced team of professionals can help improve the look and value of your home or office in no time, accomplished with quality and care in mind. Statewide Roofing your Broken Arrow Roofing company is your one stop shop for all roofing needs. We pride our business on providing excellent results using quality products with superior workmanship and backed by our outstanding customer service. See what customers say about us on Google

In an effort to further enhance our service range, Statewide Roofing your Broken Arrow Roofing company now offers window, gutter and siding installation as well. To assist our customers we now have a variety of financing options to assist you with roofing repairs and our other home improvement services.

Broken Arrow Roofing Company

In the event of a roofing emergency, hail, wind, tornado, storm damage, Statewide Roofing features a 24-hour emergency contact number. Long after the storm has passed and we have repaired or replaced your roof, Statewide Roofing your Broken Arrow Roofing Company are there to support you with our award winning customer service. For emergency service call us on (405) 790-0109.

Ask us about class Statewide Roofing your Broken Arrow Roofing Company about Class 4 impact resistant shingles, designed to resist impact from hail.

Hail Damage

Hail as small as 3/4″ to 2″ can damage the protective granular surface on a composition shingle. Homes with wood shingles can split or be punctured. Any damage that may happen only increases as the size of the hail increases. The older the roof, the more damage occurs since the granules are less securely attached to the surface of the shingles. A hail damaged roof will have a reduced “roof life”, resulting in earlier weathering or cracking. As time goes on, it will become increasingly more difficult to make the distinction of hail versus wear. It will be easier to resolve the issues surrounding your hail damaged roof if you take care of it now, rather than waiting down the road to do so. The impact of hailstones on a roof depends on at least these factors:

  • Size: The size of the hailstone
  • Mass: Some assumptions about the typical mass of a hailstone (ice or ice with some water coating)
  • Wind: The effect of the wind on the object’s velocity
  • Falling height or distance (we assume the distance is sufficient to reach terminal velocity before considering wind effects)
  • Mechanics: The assumption that all of the physical energy is converted to kinetic energy as the object strikes the roof
  • The pre-existing condition of the roof surfaces, age, existing damage or wear fragility
  • The roof slope and angle of presentation of the roof slope to the direction of wind-driven hailstones

If your property has received hail damage call Statewide Roofing your Broken Arrow Roofing Company.

 S t o r m    D a m a g e
If your property was damaged by recent storms contact Statewide Roofing for a free quote.

(405) 790-0109

24hr emergency repairs.
Financing options available.
Free upgrade to class 4 impact resitant shingles
Family owned and managed
A+ BBB Rating

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