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Cedar Shake Roofing

Fire Smart Roofing

Pressure treated Cedar Shake Roofing is treated with a superior fire retardant, which is pressure impregnated into the inner cells of the wood, resulting in a permanently fire-resistant product by Fire Smart Roofing

Ultraviolet radiation, the most damaging element to long-term exposure to weather, has been proven over history to only affect the surface of the shingle. Pressure impregnated fire retardant shingles have chemicals embedded in the product, which makes this topical exposure irrelevant.Rain, freezing temperatures, and the wind cannot remove the fire retardants from within the shingles. This is due to the curing process that bonds the chemicals to the inner fibers of the wood.

These Cedar Shakes Offer all the benefits of a natural roof with the limited risks of a natural roofing material.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Thatch and straight course. Pressure Treated, Fire Resistant – Cedar Shake Roofing. Installed by Statewide Roofing Norman Oklahoma


  • Cedar Shake Roofing is able to maintain their original dimensions in the humid summer Oklahoma conditions, cedar wood is a low-density material that offers minimal shrinkage.
  • Cedar Shake Roofing Resistance to the elements, natural preservatives that make it resistant to moisture, UV rays, and insect damage, Cedar Shake Roofing are also wind resistant.
  • Cedarwood for roofing produces long, lightweight lengths of timber with fine, straight graining patterns, and a uniform texture. These characteristics make it easy to cut, saw, and nail.
  • Regarded as one of the world’s toughest woods, Cedar is a naturally durable roofing material. A smart investment for your home, it will also enhance the structural strength of your roof.
  • Cedar is a natural insulator, allowing cooler temperatures inside in the summer months and warmth in the winter months.
  • Along with its practical benefits, cedar roofing offers a natural and timeless look that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. While cedar shingles offer a smooth, tailored look, cedar shakes present a more rustic, rough-hewn
  •  Treated cedar offers a beautiful alternative in areas where a fire rated assembly may be required, or for any homeowner who wishes to add durability and peace of mind to their home.

Call or Contact us today for a roofing consultation on replacing your roof with Fire Resistant Pressure treated Cedar Shake Roofing (405) 790-0109

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