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Copper Roofing

Statewide Roofing install Copper Roof and roofing accents on commercial and residential roofing.

Copper residential or commercial roof designs, are experiencing a serious comeback. Commercial and residential roofing customers are a add the gorgeous uniqueness to their home that no other roofing material can offer. Homeowners are choosing the experienced expertise of Statewide Roofing to design and deliver on the sheer roof designs,and durability of their new residential or commercial copper roofs.

Not only does this mean that Statewide Roofing’s exemplary  customer service and 27 years of experience can provide you with your new residential or commercial cooper roof. They’ll use superior copper roofing products that will remain strong for longer than most lifetimes.   A residential or commercial cooper roof can retain its value and is also one of the greenest building materials on the market today. With its recyclable content and maintenance free never rusts qualities, copper becomes the clear choice for your new residential or commercial roofing projects.

Statewide Roofing copper roofs are designed to produce a style whose warmth and beauty make the appearance complement any style of building, commercial or residential, from the traditional to the modern. The ductility and malleability of copper make it easy to form over irregular roof structures. Domes and other curved roof shapes are easily handled with copper.

Let your beautiful and long-term cooper roof become a Statewide Roofing quality design roofing solution. Statewide Roofing will properly design and install the extraordinary copper roof to add instant curb appeal, possible real estate value and complement any residential or commercial properties.

Give our certified experts a call, and we’ll give you exceptional customer service, unsurpassed quality products and exceptional style in your new copper roofing project.

Historic Roofing and Guttering Restoration by Statewide Roofing

Meet the ‘Cleveland’ copper gutter conductor head that will soon be installed on the historic Markham Building in Automobile Alley, the city’s first row of auto dealerships following WWI.

The Cleveland and the Chandler were the two brands sold from the dealership. Hence, the name, ‘Cleveland.’ The vehicles were built with wood and covered with metal. Over time, the wood rotted, which is why you don’t see many of these vehicles around today.


The last undeveloped historic building left on Automobile Alley is set to be renovated into law offices and a bank with improvements including a rooftop conference center and patio terrace.

Attorney Michael Burrage originally lost out on buying the Markham Building, 512 N Broadway, three years ago when it was purchased by New Source Energy Partners. The energy company gutted the building, removed asbestos and had plans drawn up for an ambitious remodeling into a corporate headquarters.

Burrage said he is fascinated by the building’s history, which dates back to the emergence of Automobile Alley as the city’s first row of car dealerships following World War I. County Assessor records indicate the building was built in 1914, though other sources indicate the dealership’s founder, Blair Markham, didn’t move to Oklahoma City until 1918 and built the dealership in 1920.

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