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DaVinci ShinglesStatewide Roofing installs quality DaVinci ShinglesDaVinci polymer roofing materials, such as our slate roof tiles and shake shingles, go beyond protecting your home and belongings from fire, high winds,  and impact. Our tile roofs are virtually maintenance-free and have a  sustainable advantage in 50 years.

Quality is crucial to the lasting beauty and structural integrity of your roof. DaVinci puts quality into our entire line of synthetic roofing tiles. Our composite slate shingles are carefully engineered to provide the authentic look and durability of natural slate roofs. For those who desire the natural appearance of hand-split shake shingles or machine-sewn shake, our composite shake shingles are reminiscent of the texture of natural cedar, but with unsurpassed durability and a life cycle savings of up to 50% compared to natural shake roofing. DaVinci utilizes a proprietary state-of-the-art engineered polymer to deliver durability and beauty for years to come.

It’s easy to see that the authentic appearance, durability,  and lifetime cost advantages of DaVinci Shingles – plus a 50-year  limited warranty – add up to an exceptional value for any discerning homeowner.

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DaVinci Shingles Installed by Statewide Roofing

DaVinci Shingles are a complete line of synthetic slate roofing materials that are natural in appearance, incredibly durable, and easy to install. The other composite slate shingles on the market pale by comparison.  The DaVinci slate roofing materials are manufactured from a state-of-the-art engineered polymer, fashioned to look like genuine slate roofing, and are available in a broad palette of beautiful and distinctive colors and blends.

DaVinci slate roofing is an economical choice,  at approximately one-half the installed cost of natural slate shingles. DaVinci  Slate is also lightweight, freeze/thaw resistant, Class A fire rated (with standard underlayment), UL 2218 Class 4 impact rated, and wind resistant to 110  mph. For additional peace-of-mind, DaVinci Slate is virtually maintenance free and comes with a 50-year limited warranty.

BEAUTY: DaVinci has always set the standard for realistic beauty. DaVinci synthetic roofing tiles are modeled from actual slate and hand-split shake reflecting the natural beauty of rough-hewn cedar and quarried slate. The thick profiles and subtle surface variations of DaVinci Shingles products provide a nonrepeating, natural appearance.

PERFORMANCE: All DaVinci products are designed to meet the highest performance standards for wind, fire and impact. The tiles resist curling,
crack-ing and fading, mold, algae, fungus and insects under normal conditions and are backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Additionally, DaVinci roofing tiles resist water absorption, which eliminates freeze-thaw issues and can be installed in all weather conditions.

COLORS: Color-through with state-of-the-art UV stabilizers embedded in the shingle formulation, DaVinci Shingles products have superior color fade resistance.

Realistic colors drawn from a pallet of earth-tones are available in multiple color blends or solid colors. Multi-Width Blend: DaVinci Shake and Slate blends are factory-collated with all sizes and colors. These blends are crafted from 50 slate and shake earth-tones creating authentic color blends.

VariBlend: This process creates varying shades from tile to tile creating an infinite number of color shades to craft a subtle blend for any roof. DaVinci’s proprietary VariBlend® technology was developed for Single-Width Slate, Single-Width Shake, Bellaforté Slate and Bellaforté Shake.

EcoBlend: DaVinci EcoBlend® colors are registered with the Cool Roof Rating Council, and reduce the heat island effect and the temperature of a roof. DaVinci EcoBlend products meet or exceed initial ENERGY STAR® program requirements for 25 percent solar reflectivity and qualify for LEED-NC 7.2 Heat Island Effect.

Custom Blends & Colors: Mix and match from the widest pallet of colors creating a custom blend or create the perfect-match custom color. Allow your imagination to escape and create a look that is uniquely your own.

SUSTAINABLE: DaVinci uses 100% virgin resins in roof tiles to guarantee a sustainable product and every DaVinci Shingles are 100% recyclable. Manufacturing lightweight tiles save energy and transportation cost.

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