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Decra RoofingWhen people think of stone covered steel roofing, many often  think of DECRA. Statewide Roofing is proud to install this unique roofing  product in Oklahoma. With a proven commitment to quality and performance, DECRA Roofing Systems has over fifty years of experience, manufacturing, and  marketing stone coated steel roofing systems.

DECRA Roofing, the original stone coated steel roofing system,  represents a perfect blend of over 50 years of research and practical  experience. DECRA Roofing Systems are all about offering the ultimate in  performance and engineering design.

Decra Roofing“Elegant” and “long-lasting” are equally important  characteristics when choosing a roof to protect your most prized  investment—your home. In fact, our roof may be the last roof you ever need.  The strength and durability of a stone-coated steel roof is combined with the  versatile good looks of a tile, shake, or shingle exterior to give you the  widest possible selection. A DECRA Roofing System is durable and will offer  richness and beauty to enhance your home’s appearance.

Metal roofing has long been the choice for architects.  Unlike standing seam metal roofs, our products are unique. Stone coated and  pressed into different profiles, products offer texture and style not  found in traditional metal roofing products. As a substrate, steel provides the  perfect medium for pressing panels to resemble various conventional materials.

The strength and durability of DECRA roofing is combined with the versatile good looks of a tile, shake or shingle style, all aimed at providing the optimal roof solution. DECRA Roofing panels have a unique interlocking design to withstand high winds while adding shear strength. Breathtaking designs are what you see at first glance, but underneath are layers of pure protection.

DECRA roofing is a piece of beauty that offers peace of mind.
✓ Protective Layers Deliver Long Life Performance
✓ Lifetime Limited Warranty
✓ Class A Fire Rated Material
✓ Best In Class Weight-To-Strength Ratio
✓ Severe Weather Resistance
✓ Class 4 Impact Resistance (Highest Rating)

DECRA’s roofing systems have excelled through some of the harshest weather conditions around the world for over 60 years. DECRA’s interlocking panels won’t crack, break, warp, curl or split, and they are covered by a transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty, including peace-of-mind coverage for winds up to 120 mph and hail penetration. In an average lifetime, a homeowner will need to replace an asphalt roof at least two-and-a-half times. With DECRA, there’s no worrying about costly, unexpected expenses. Plus, DECRA’s Lifetime Limited Warranty eliminates the hassle.

Statewide Roofing which its extensive residential roofing experience in Oklahoma recommend quality stone covered metal tiles for their strength and style. Call us today for a free consultation. As your leading Oklahoma Roofing Company we are here to support you for all of your roofing needs. Call Statewide Roofing for a Decra Roofing Quote



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