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Show Special #1

Free upgrade to Class 4 Shingles

Class 4 shingles weather the storm with the added impact resistance, these 3-tab shingles offer a level of added protection that you will want for the life of your roof. These impact-resistant, beautiful shingles have been specially engineered to face some of the worst storms and extreme weather and still look their best. They come in a variety of colors and styles so you will be able to find the right shingles that will showcase your home.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing Class 4 Roofing Shingles For My Home?

Have extended warranties

They meet the highest standards for impact resistance – UL 2218,

Class 4 May qualify homeowners for a premium discount from their insurance company+



Show Special #2

Free 4 Star Energy Efficient Inspections

Insufficiency in any of these areas can dramatically add to your monthly energy bills

We inspect your Roofing, Insulation, Windows and Ventilation

Financing Options

0% Interest –  NO Monthly payments – Up to 18 Months and $25,000


Deferred Interest with Minimum Monthly Payments Up to 24 Months and $45,000


0% Interest with Equal Monthly Payments Up to 60 Months and $25,000

Longer Term Financing options available (Up to 240 Months)

Dealer Fees may apply.  With Approved Credit.