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Statewide Roofing is your  local Norman Oklahoma Roofing Company is here to server you and assist your residential or commercial roofing needs. Our sales force is local; at least fifty percent of them call  Cleveland County home.

Statewide Roofing site supervision, along  with training of our job foreman and crews. Our Team is extensively trained to properly identify  storm damage. We can guide you through the insurance claim process, and educate you on  the many shingles available today.

Specializing in insurance claims, we offer  free roof inspections to determine the condition of your roof and to help you  decide whether you have a legitimate claim with your insurance carrier. If your property suffers from storm damage call your local Roofing Company who are proud to call Norman Home.

When a storm strikes call your local Norman Oklahoma Roofing Company we are available 24/7 to assist with storm damage, leaking roof or other roofing emergencies.

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Leaking or Damage Roof

Finding a roof leak can be difficult because often the actual spot where the roof leaks is not always exactly where the water stains are appearing on your ceiling. Water can enter the roof at one point, and then run down to another before it starts to soak into the ceiling. It’s sometimes easy to spot obvious roof damage (shingles are missing or damaged, stains on ceilings or walls), but by then, you probably already have some significant water damage. Your best bet is to find the roof damage before the leaks appear. If you have any signs of roofing damage call Statewide Roofing your local Norman Oklahoma Roofing Company

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Hail Damage

Did you know that hail the size of a golf ball hits your roof with the same velocity as your roof being hit with a hammer. Large hail this size can cause broken, dinted and damaged shingles, granular loss and if left can lead to water leaks into the home. After heavy hair look at your gutters and for any sigh of chipped shingles. Many people are not comfortable getting on their roofs. Call us after a heavy storm for a free roofing inspection. We are local, just down the road, your local Norman Oklahoma Roofing Company.




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