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Piedmont Hail Damage

Your Oklahoma property has to withstand everything our weather throws at it. Rain, high winds, tornadoes, snow, ice and hail.  Hail as small as 1 inch can cause significant damage to your property so it is important that if you experienced a severe weather to all to call Statewide Roofing your Piedmont Hail Damage Experts.

Very impressed with this company! We called them out after storms 2 years ago because we were worried our roof may have been damaged from hail. They were very honest and said we had minor damage but probably not worth filing a claim. This year we had a lot more hail and the came out again and this time we needed a new roof. This was my first time ever having to file an insurance claim and they were very helpful!Very easy to deal with and roof was done in one day!! Overall great experience. –Julie

When hail damage occurs it can break down their mineral granules and cause leaks and many other issues. When hail hits your roof it can compromise the integrity of the shingle, cracking and chipping it with can lead to a water leak. If hail damage goes unfixed it can because major problems, the water intrusion into your home can lead to mold, sheet-rock and structural damage and cost a lot more. It is important to contact us as soon as possible after a large thunderstorm that included hail so we can determine if you have hail damage and protect your property from further damage.

When you contact us we will send out one of experienced team members to inspect your roof for damage and any other issues. After the thorough inspection we will provide you with a free estimate of any damage. At Statewide our goal is to protect your home and your wallet. Our amazing staff from the office to our experience technicians will guide you from beginning to end. Statewide Roofing are your Piedmont hail damage experts. For all your roof needs call us 24/7 at 405-790-0109

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Hail large than 1″ hitting your roof hits with the same force as hitting your roof with a hammer. This can damage the structure and composition of your shingle roof. Above you will see the effect of hail strike that were 1.5″ in size. 

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Hail Damaged Windows, Guttering, Siding

Often a hail storm does far more damage than to your roof. Windows, Siding and Guttering can all take a pounding in our harsh storm season. With 24 hour live emergency operators standing by to help you and our emergency crews on call to assist you, Statewide Roofing is the one number you need to call after your property receives hail damage. Not only can we protect your roof by doing emergency roof taping but we can also protect your broken windows also. This is vital to stop further damage to your home or commercial property.

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