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In Spencer Oklahoma, the reputation of Statewide Roofing speaks for itself. You will be satisfied, no matter what kind of project you have.  Our mission is to provide the absolute best service from your first call, through the roofing process, and beyond.

Your house is the most valuable investment and the roof is not only the crown in regarding the appearance of your home, but also your first line of defense against the elements.  High quality materials are crucial in providing you with an aesthetically pleasing and long lasting roof.  We only install the highest quality materials on our projects.

We work will all types of roofs! Our services are backed by our outstanding warranties and our reputation. Statewide Roofing understand the value and importance of maintaining your house for your family’s safety. If you’re existing roofing system failed due to poor workmanship, severe weather condition, defective materials, lack of maintenance, improper specification of roofing system, or any other reasons you can count on the team at Statewide Roofing to install a quality roof that not only protects but enhances the value of your property.

We have extensive shingle installation experience on the widest range of sloped roofs large or small, new construction, renovations or additions. We can provide you with an analysis of what shingle type is best for your home or building.

Statewide Roofing handles all different styles, sizes and configurations of residential roofing and offers custom sheet metal roofing and trim.

Our business employs many qualified craftsman with extensive experience installing the most difficult roof systems, who focus on the long term quality of their installations as well as the meticulous details required with many of the following roof systems




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