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MonierStatewide Roofing installs Monier Roofing Products. Whatever the building – residential or commercial, low budget or luxury – we offer customers a comprehensive range of products, such as roofing materials, chimney, and ventilation systems. The solar offer for their home completes the portfolio of residential energy systems. Decades of experience, a wide product offering, and constant innovation enable the Group to realize the full potential of roofs.

An unrivaled range of products. Roofs around the world vary greatly in style, and this means that many different types of roofing tiles are required. But whatever vision architects, roofers, and home-owners have for their roofing project, Monier has the right tile for the job.

Monier supplies concrete and clay tiles in a wide variety of shapes, surface finishes and colors. Our superior-quality tiles are available with dirt-repellent, heat-reflective and algae-resistant coatings, and offer outstanding aesthetics. They come in single or multiple colors and can be smooth or textured, with matt or gloss surfaces. And they are available in a wide range of sizes to meet customers´ requirements – are big tiles are ideal for industrial-scale modern buildings, while our smaller tiles are perfect for renovation as well as restoration projects and stylish new-build houses.

At Monier, we also aim to do our bit for the environment: our product development team is always working to create energy-efficient, sustainable products, such as the innovative Auranox concrete tile, which breaks down nitric oxide molecules that pollute the air, thereby improving air quality.

Concrete tiles are made of sand, water, cement, and pigments, and are not fired like clay tiles, but cured at temperatures of approximately 60 degrees Celsius. The curing process makes them sturdy enough to be transported and laid within a few days of manufacture, and they get stronger over time. Some of the very first concrete tiles produced back in 1844 at a cement factory in Staudach, Germany, are still on roofs today. The energy-efficient production process and long product life cycle mean that concrete tiles have a comparatively low environmental footprint. Braas Monier’s latest innovation is a concrete roof tile with Aerlox technology. It is just as durable as standard roof tiles but up to 40% lighter. Not only roofers benefit from this lightweight tile in their daily work. Anilox is also a great alternative for homeowners with a weaker roof construction which is not able to carry the weight of standard concrete tiles.

Our unique Tegalit flat tiles have clean lines and a contemporary, geometrical design. Similar flat tiles are available in other countries, for example, Richmond and Mini Stonewold in the UK, Tegal in Italy, Tegal in Austria, and Innotech in France. In Germany, Tegal is available in six different colors, including classic red and various shades of grey. Tegal works with our innovative Protegon surface: Special pigments on its surface make this roof tile reflect 300% more infrared rays than traditional roof tiles. The roof stays cooler and also cools the surrounding air. The bottom of the Protegon tile may be up to 10°C cooler which leads to an improvement of the air in the living space.

The Frankfurter Pfanne, known as the Double Roman in the UK and the Double Romane in France, is a true classic among Braas Monier´s roof tiles. In Germany, the country where it was first produced, it has been widely used for over 60 years, and no other tile has proved popular. The tiles are available in a wide range of colors and with a choice of several functional surfaces. As well as being aesthetically appealing, the Frankfurter Pfanne – among other Braas Monier roofing tiles – also helps home-owners to comply with regulations on the use of sustainable building materials.



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