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Energy Star Owens Corning

Energy Star Owens CorningOwens Corning can help save energy costs in areas with substantial sunlight through our ENERGY STAR® rated roofing products. Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration®, Duration® Premium, Duration®, Oakridge® and Supreme® shingles in Shasta White and Duration® Premium Cool Shingles in Frosted Oak, Harbor Fog, and Sunrise are ENERGY STAR® rated for their ability to reflect the sun’s rays and keep roofs cooler, resulting in a more comfortable living space below.

Duration®Premium Cool Shingles reflect solar energy, helping decrease the amount of heat transferred to a home’s interior – and the amount of air conditioning needed to keep it comfortable. Duration®Premium Cool Shingles are ENERGY STAR®rated and feature unique lighter colors that have corresponding Owens Corning™ Hip & Ridge Shingles.
Duration®Premium Cool Shingles can:
•Help lower energy bills by keeping the roof cooler§– reducing wear and tear on the air conditioning system
•Reduce environmental impact by decreasing CO2 emissions – since less energy is needed to cool the home
•Extend the life of the roof – thanks to solar-reflecting granules that help reduce shingle temperature and subsequently slow asphalt aging


Duration Premium COOL Shingles feature granules that reflect solar energy star rated products, which helps keep roofs cooler and decrease the amount of heat transferred to a home’s interior—and the amount of air conditioning needed to keep it comfortable. Duration Premium COOL Shingles are ENERGY STAR® rated and offer a corresponding Owens Corning hip & ridge product for the finishing touch. These shingles also offer the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technology.

Wind Resistance

Significant wind can cause shingles to blow off the roof deck. Missing shingles can lead to leaks and other interior damage. The quality and performance of the sealant on a shingle helps plays an important part in wind resistance performance. Owens Corning certifies our shingles to industry recognized wind resistance standards through independent third-party testing laboratories. To see the wind resistance warranty on this product, refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab.

ENERGY STAR® Rated Shingles

ENERGY STAR® is for roofs too. Similar to the energy-efficient appliances in your home, roofing products can provide heating and cooling saving qualities. Owens Corning Roofing Shingles can help reduce your heating and cooling bills when installing properly. Certain shingles reflect solar energy, decreasing the amount of heat transferred to a home’s interior — and the amount of air conditioning needed to keep it comfortable. Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and individual building characteristics. . ENERGY STAR® is available on the following colors: Frosted Oak, Harbor Fog, Sage, SunriseDitch the streaks – protect your home’s curb appeal

Algae species are naturally occurring and transported through the air to attach themselves to shingles and other surfaces. While algae growth can cause brown or black streaks on roofs, it does not impact the performance of your shingles. Streaks caused by algae growth are more common in warm, humid climates but can occur in all regions of the country. Owens Corning has continued to advance our algae resistance protection based on over 30 years of testing and experience. Shingles with StreakGuard Algae Resistance Protection can help inhibit the growth of blue-green algae*.

Owens Corning Shingles with StreakGuard Algae Resistant Protection:

  • Are supported by the #1 Trusted Brand in Roofing
  • Helps inhibit the growth of algae* to keep your home beautiful
  • Gives homeowner peace-of-mind based on decades of Owens Corning testing and experience with algae resistance protection
  • Is available on a wide variety of shingle styles and colors— ask your contractor for specifics
  • Has a limited 10-year warranty*

If you want a cool Roof Contact Statewide Roofing, for an Energy Star Owens Corning roofing consultation.



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