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Owens Corning Loose Fill Insulation

When it comes time to choose the materials for your next insulation project, make the smarter, better and easier choice by choosing Owens Corning® ProPink® L77 Loosefill insulation. Owens Corning® Loosefill is the right solution for the job.

To create our new ProPink® L77 Loosefill insulation, Owens Corning worked directly with builders and insulation contractors to create a high performance thermal and acoustical package that offers advantages to both the people who work with it and the buildings it goes into.

  • Highest coverage: High Performance Fiberizing Technology allows ProPink® L77 Loosefill to provide the highest yield of any loosefill insulation available. One 32-lb bag can cover 77 square feet at R-30.
  • Versatile and efficient: ProPink® L77 Loosefill is certified for use in walls, attics, cathedral ceilings and floors in new construction and retrofit applications, so you can use one product for many jobs. And since it does more with less, you’ll save on storage and transportation costs and increase your productivity.
  • Pass code with confidence: The R-value of every installation can be field verified upon completion and/or during inspection with the Inspect–R® Gauge. Use as part of the ProPink® Complete™ System.
  • Less time = more money: ProPink® L77 Loosefill saves you time and money. It’s also designed for easy install with nearly any blowing machine and can reduce blow time.

Owens Corning Loose Fill Insulation. Provides exceptional thermal protection

  • Ability to be blown at 2.5 lb density into walls, with equivalent airflow reduction and greater R-value than cellulose
  • Design integrity with virtually no settling, preserving thermal performance over time
  • Resistance to moisture, fungus and mold-growth
  • Non combustible, non-corrosive and validated to be formaldehyde free
  • Certified 55% (37% post consumer) recycled content

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