Tecumseh Hail Damage,

Tecumseh Hail DamageThis afternoon we have had a large super-cell pass over Tecumseh dropping large hail throughout the Tecumseh Area. Statewide roofing are your Tecumseh hail damage specialists. We have emergency crews available to take care of any roofing emergency you might have.  Hail above 1.25 inches have the ability to cause damage to your shingle roof.

Identify the types of damage caused by hail. The 3 major signs of hail damage include bruising, cracking and granules missing from asphalt. Check for missing pieces in the asphalt of the roof. Look for areas on the shingle that have exposed, black substrate. If you do not feel comfortable getting on your roof call Statewide Roofing your Tecumseh Hail Damage damage experts we can give your an honest evaluation on the condition of your roof and assist you with making an insurance claim if you need a new roof.