Tis’ the Season… of Storms and Contractors

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Tis’ the Season… of Storms and Contractors


Tis’ the Season….of Storms and Contractors

It seems as though every year, more and more roofing and construction companies spring up out of nowhere.  Homeowners have become far more accustomed to ‘door kockers’ and ‘fly-by-nights.’

We have all heard horror stories of how contractors have taken advantage or ripped someone off.  They may have shown up at the front door and seemed very knowledgeable.  They made promises they didn’t keep and warranties that they weren’t around later to honor, if they were even still in business. They may have taken money up front and then never returned to install the roof.  If they did show up for installation, they may have offered some sort of discount, and in return only provided improper installation of the roofing system or installed a cheaper product then what was agreed upon.   These horror stories are all warranted.  The victims are left with financial burden and heartache, and the reputable roofing companies that are honest and strive for customer satisfaction are given a bad reputation.

Keep in mind that not all ‘door knockers’ should be associated as an illegitimate or a non-reputable company. Even the best and most reputable roofing companies will have a salesman that will knock doors, at least at some point.

Do some homework. If a contractor knocks on your door, here are some helpful tips:

  • Solicitor’s Permit – If your city requires a solicitor’s permit, please request to visually see the permit. Most cities that require these permits enforce the solicitors to keep the permits visually displayed, either on a lanyard or pinned to their shirts.
  • Licensed and Insured – Find out if the person knocking at your door is licensed. They are most likely going to want to “inspect” your roof. If they are not licensed, there is a good possibility they are not insured, and should not be allowed to climb your roof. *You can verify a license in the State of Oklahoma at http://cib.ok.gov/are-they-licensed *
  • License Plate – Check the vehicle’s license plate that the contractor is currently using. Look for an Oklahoma plate as this is a very quick way to determine if they are from out of state.
  • Better Business Bureau – A reputable company will be registered with the Better Business Bureau. Look the company up online and view their current rating and determine if there are any complaints. https://www.bbb.org/
  • Website – It is always reassuring to be able to access company information online. A professional company website offers more credibility, while providing valued information and enhancing customer service.
  • Reviews – Maybe you are not a tech guru, however, we have all heard someone mention to “Google” it while trying to find information. Search the company’s information on www.Google.com and take a look at their Google reviews or any other information that may be available.
  • Other sites that you may find useful reviews are:

We hope this information may educate and help save someone in the future from a negative situation.

Keep us in mind when a storm does hit, as we do provide FREE pre-claim inspections and FREE estimates.  Just give us a call at 405-790-0109 or pass our information along![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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