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“Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plain”

In Oklahoma we understand that wind coming down the plains can be far more than a gentle breeze. Micro-bursts, down-bursts, straight line winds and gail force winds all occur in Oklahoma on a regular basis. Each year more houses sustain damage by wind alone than by tornado’s. The majority of wind damage to your roofing system is not visible from the ground.

As wind moves over a roof, its effect is not uniform. Certain regions will be subject to higher pressures, such as along the perimeter. The center portion of the roof you have the lower stresses, the corners and at the edges of the roof, typically by the very nature of the wind blowing across the roof, exerts a higher pressure. Depending on the way the wind blows, the shape of the roof and the location on the roof, there will be negative pressure — suction — or positive pressure — pushing. The edge of the roofing can start to lift up and in subsequent wind events gets pushed up and over a little more each time until a whole corner of the insulation is exposed.

If you notice any lifting on your roof shingles call us. Some preventative maintenance can sometimes be the difference between replacing an entire roof or repairing a section.




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